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What Is Build Hero?

Build Hero is an easy to use collaborative home remodeling software.  Build Hero allows home owners, contractors, sub-contractors, and suppliers to work together more efficiently. Learn how in our short explainer video below!

For Homeowners

A better way to find and work with a contractor on your next home remodel project

Find a Contractor

Create a public project and get bids from multiple contractors

Upload Photos

Upload photos of your existing room, idea photos, sketches, etc

Interactive Bids

Select options and include/exclude any part of a bid before approving the bid


Keep the scope of work and price clear by approving every change


Chat with contractors to ask questions, resolve issues, etc

For Contractors

A better way to find customers and manage your home remodel projects

Find Customers

Find customers wanting a contractor to help with their next remodel project


Chat with customers and subcontractors to ask questions, resolve issues, etc

Create Interactive Estimates

Create interactive estimates that allow customers to select between options


Keep the scope of work and price clear with customer approved changes

Subcontract Work

Create subprojects within your bids to markup work from subcontractors

Track Time and Expenses

Let your team clock-in/clock-out of projects and track project expenses

Build Hero In Action!

Whether your a contractor or a supplier Build Hero can help you manage construction projects easier!  Watch the short video below to see how Wichita Wood Floor Specialists use Build Hero.

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