Estimate a Bathroom Remodel Project

Build Hero lets contractors easily create estimates for any type of home remodel Project by creating Bids.

In Build Hero, a Project describes the work that needs to be done and a Bid is an offer to do a Project at a specific price.

Creating a Bathroom Remodel Estimate

There are three ways to get started on a Bid to estimate a Project

  1. Create a new Project on behalf of a customer and allow Build Hero to create a default Bid
  2. Accept an invite from a customer to share a Project and allow Build Hero to create a default Bid
  3. Add a Bid to a Project marked as public by the customer

Here is an example of a default Bid created on a new bathroom remodel project

Bathroom Remodel Estimate - Bid

Next, let’s start estimating the cost of this Bid.

Adding Line Items to the Estimate

Let’s now add a few Estimate Items to the Bid

Bathroom Remodel Estimate with Line Items

Now, the Bid is estimated to cost $6,300.  Each Estimate Item can be a simple amount or can be a formula.

In the example above, the New tile installed line item uses a $3.00 per sq ft * 250 sq ft formula to calculate the $750 amount.  Formulas can even support calculating square feet (the formula 20 ft 6 inches * 15 ft 6 inches * $4.00 per sq ft would calculate $1,271).

Adding Subtotals to the Estimate

Now, let’s use Folders to better organize the Bid and to create subtotals…

Bathroom Remodel Estimate with Subtotals

By adding Folders, we can now see a subtotal on the Demo work and the Cabinets work.

Excluding Items from the Estimate

Now, let’s say the customer wants to know how much less the Bid would be if the flooring was removed from the BidBuild Hero allows you to easily temporarily exclude items…

Bathroom Remodel Estimate with Exclusions

The Bid is now only $5,300 instead of $6,300 with the flooring related items excluded.

Finishing the Estimate

To finish your Bid, you might use Build Hero to…

  • Create Subprojects that allow subcontractors to bid on a portion of the project (like electrical work, plumbing work, etc)
  • Indicate which items are Taxable vs Non-taxable
  • Add Attachments to show photos or sketches or to upload PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, etc
  • Print the Bid to create a paper copy
  • Share the Bid directly with the customer