Since day 1 our goal has been to make home remodel projects easier.

Our pricing is no exception.

For Home-Owners & Realtors:

Build Hero is completely free for home-owners and Realtors to start projects, find contractors, get bids, and manage their project easily.  

For Contractors & Suppliers:

Service Packages:  Build Hero is completely free to get started or add a package to get additional features.  See our packages below. 

30-Day Trial

  • 3 Users on Account
  • 6 Active Projects & Bids
  • Expense Tracking
  • Billing Options
  • Up to 50 Contacts
  • Free Exporting of Data
  • Quickbooks Integration Available

Base Plan

$50 Per Month
  • 3 Users on Account
  • 30 Active Projects
  • Expense Tracking
  • Billing Options
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Free Exporting of Data
  • Contact Info Listed Under Contacts For All Users
Get Started

Add Additional Users

$10 Per Month
  • Adds one additional users to our base plan.